Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to build/Import/Export Shared Assets in Webcenter Portal

i.                 Create an asset with Portal Builder or copy an existing one, select it, then click the Download button:
              – it’s not used anywhere else), and then click the Download button:
iii. Save the layout to your computer
How to import Shared Asset to JDeveloper ?

-  In JDeveloper, in the DesignWebCenterSpaces application, right-click the WebCenterSpacesResources project, and then choose “Import Portal Resource…”:
-   Browse to the downloaded EAR file, and then click the OK button:
- The EAR will import, and the asset will be placed in the project hierarchy by type and GUID of the asset:

- You are ready to Edit.

 How to Export Updated Shared Assets from Jdeveloper:
- When you’ve finished editing the asset and you want to send it back to the Portal server, right click the asset, and choose “Export Portal Resource…”:

-  Click the browse button to locate the EAR file you brought over (or create a new file) and click the OK button:

Return to the Portal, then click the “Upload” button:
Browse to the EAR file you just created, and then click the Upload button:
Confirm the replacement if the asset exists:
 And you’re newly uploaded asset is ready to use:
- Import Page template and skin in shared asset –
- Go to Administer portal.
- Go to setting and provide template and skin name and save.Click on view portal
Your Shared Assets are successfully applied to your portal builder now

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