Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best Practices while Un deploying and Re Deploying to the same environment

This is very common requirement whenever we are dealing with Custom Webcenter Framework applications to undeploy and redploy. we need to consider below points whenever we perform these activities

 - Make sure you should not lose the already existing Security Policies (For eg : Users can create pages at run time, add/remove/update security access permissions). All these security policies will be stored in 'Policy Store'. You can access to this Policy store using ' Fusion Middleware Control (EM Console)
ReDeploying Webcenter Applications
Select Domain -> Right Click -> Security -> Application Policies

- It is always best practice to redeploy the application, and choose same MDS Partition
- If you didn't make any changes at design time with respect to security, then always chose
'Configure Application Security' 'Edit' option during deployment process
- Choose 'Ignore' option as shown below,

 - Remove the Application Credential Map

  1. Determine the credentials map name used by the application by inspecting the contents of the application's adf-config.xml and locating the value foradfAppUID. For example:
    <adf:adf-properties-child xmlns="">
    <adf-property name="adfAppUID" value="Veeva-7209"/>
    In this case, Veeva-7209 is the credential map name used by the application.
  2. Log in to Fusion Middleware Control.
    For information on logging into Fusion Middleware Control, see Section 6, "Starting Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control."
  3. In the Navigation pane, expand the WebLogic Domain node and click the target domain (for example, wc_domain).
  4. From the WebLogic Domain dropdown menu, select Security > Credentials.
    The Credentials pane displays (see Figure 7-19).
    Figure 7-19 Credentials Pane
    Description of Figure 7-19 follows
    Description of "Figure 7-19 Credentials Pane"
  5. Select the credential map to remove and click Delete.
  6. Click Yes to confirm deleting the credential map.

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