Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to modify Configuration files (web.xml/weblogic.xml) files in Webcenter Portal ?

This blog explains about how to modify the web.xml and weblogic.xml files in Webcenter Portal version.

-   Create ‘Webcenter Portal Server Extension’ application as shown below, If there is already one application created and checked in, Use the existing application.

-      This template will create two projects (that can be named during the creation).
i)      PortalExtension: To add custom code, task flows and beans to WebCenter Spaces.
ii)     PortalSharedLibrary: Similar to the former WebCenterSpacesExtensionLibrary; however, deployments are now done using JDeveloper Deployment tools and the versioning is managed by manually modifying MANIFEST.MFTaking a look into PortalSharedLibrary it contains only a MANIFEST.MF file used for versioning of deployments.

-     To create a weblogic.xml create it as New WebLogic Deployment Descriptor.

    -  In case of web.xml create it as New Java EE Deployment Descriptor:

      - Modify web.xml as per your requireents

-     Generate the WAR file for ‘Portal Shared Library’ Project as shown below

-          After ‘extend.spaces.webapp’ WAR file generated successfully, Deploy this WAR file into ‘WC_Spaces’ as a shared library.

- Ensure ‘extend.spaces.webapp’ in Deployments.

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